SSM: Minimum union basket up to MKD 49,025 in May


A family of four in the country had to spend MKD 49,025 in May this year to satisfy their basic needs. Of these, as stated by the Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM), 19,532.54 MKD or 44.34 percent were needed for food and drinks, 13,392.85 or 30.41 percent for housing, 3,196.9 MKD for hygiene, 3,720.1 for transportation, 2,315,759 for clothing and footwear, 1,067.86 for culture and 821.47 MKD for health care or a total of 44,047.52 MKD.

“When 4,977.37 MKD or 11.3 percent for the cost of living, i.e. inflation, are added to them, it comes to 49,024.89 MKD,” said the SSM.

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