Stoilkovski: The PPO should clarify whether the director of BJB influenced the case where EBR members were beaten

BJB director Sasho Tasevski

The son of a high-ranking police official, but also the official himself, according to the media, it is possible that they were involved in an attack on the police, but it is also possible that they influenced the changing of facts in the records! A few days ago, on June 3 to be exact, in front of a Skopje disco, a team of EBR, carrying out a task, caught a group of young people in their early 20s preparing to consume a white powdery substance, which was later determined, according to the media, to be cocaine, said the spokesperson of opposition VMRO-DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski n Friday.

At the same time, when called by the police, the youths brazenly refused to stop what they were doing, and there was a physical attack by the group on a police officer, with one of them reportedly grabbing the police officer by the neck, and others hitting with their fists and it’s documented! But the criminal legal event, the attack, was registered only at 6:30 in the morning! And only three people are mentioned in it!

Guided by many great clues, we ask:

  • Was the son of BJB director Sasho Tasevski present during the control and then during the attack? Did he misbehave with the police in the least?
  • Did the BJB director Sasho Tasevski also find himself personally present?
  • In the period between 1:45 a.m. and 6 a.m. on the morning of June 3, did the son and the father, the BJB director Sasho Tasevski and son, put pressure on the police and the Karposh police station, first, not to have his son booked, and then to change the minutes from the list of the arrested, the participants in the attack on the police?
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