Grubi announces that constitutional amendments process should start by the end of July


Deputy Prime Minister from the ranks of DUI ArtanGrubi announced on Monday morning that the Parliamentary process for amending the Constitution should begin by the end of July.

“There are 120 MPS in the Parliament, not 80. I think that they all, with exception of two, sand for integration of our country into the EU, as they did for NATO. I am convinced if this exclusively technical amending of the Constitution would be accepted by the citizens, not only by the MPs. These are technical amendments in order to continue the Macedonian European road”, Grubi said.

Grubi added that what HristijanMickoski said on June 7 was important – “That day will be remembered, not because it is my birthday, but because of Mickoski’s statements. I want to publicly thank him for the opportunity he gave us to continue on the European path. On June 7, it will be remembered that Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE accepted constitutional amendments. I encourage him to start the procedure and consider the proposals of the Working Group,” stressed the Deputy Prime Minister.

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