Former SDSM coalition partner Trajanov: SDSM statements that Mickoski accepted constitutional amendments are a spin and a manipulation


Kovachevski’s daily public appearances, as well as from others from the ranks of SDSM that VMRO-DPMNE and Mickoski have accepted constitutional amendments are abusing it. They don’t want to listen to any other requests, because that is a package that should lead to an acceptable solution, without blocking the EU integration processes. But, that will be short-lived, the people will see that it is a mere spin and manipulation to harm the opposition. and his intentions for a broad government are not sincere, especially concerning the break up with his strategic partner DUI. The Government of SDSM and DUI is in a free fall, they have virtually no support among the voters who are thoroughly disappointed, revolted and angry, the leader of the Democratic Union (DS) Pavle Trajanov told

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