Tetovo University Professor Ziberi to assist Grubi in the Bechtel-Enka project for MKD 70,052 per month


Professor from the State University in Tetovo, Dr. Semijal Hasani Ziberi, has been chosen as an assistant to Artan Grubi, the main and responsible coordinator of the project for the construction of corridors 8 and 10-D which will be built by Bechtel-Enka, reports A1on.

The professor was the best candidate in the competition which, instead of the contractor, tendered the Public Enterprise for State Roads, and in which temporary employment of workers is required for the construction of the four sections of corridors 8 and 10-D.

Ziberi will be paid a salary of MKD 70,052 per month and will work, according to the criteria published in the advertisement, only eight hours a day in the first shift.

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