Rally in support of lawyer Toni Menkinoski on Thursday


A gathering in support of lawyer Toni Menkinoski has been announced for Thursday at 6 pm. Menkinoski received a report because he waved the Kutlesh Sun flag in Ohrid as a sign of support for the constitutional defenders on April 27, 2023.

The trial against Menkinoski is being conducted following a report from the Ministry of Interior in Ohrid, from which they claimed that the order for the persecution of Menkinoski came from the office of the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski.

Menkinoski is a lawyer that been defending Macedonians from Bulgaria pro bono for years in Strasbourg, where he participated in 16 verdicts against Bulgaria.

When the Ministry of Interior, by order of Minister Spasovski’s office, started going to the houses of the people who were with Menkinoski on April 27, the lawyer reported that he was responsible for the event and asked to be responsible for the flag himself in order to protect the other participants.

The court hearing is scheduled for the 16th in Ohrid, where he will be tried in the Ohrid court for disorderly conduct, although no one in Ohrid reported that public order and peace were violated.

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