Detektor poll: The majority of Macedonians are convinced that NATO membership will not speed up the EU integration process


The last survey of public opinion conducted by the Institute for Political Research Skopje for Detektor showed that more than half of the citizens are convinced that membership in NATO will not speed up the European integration process.
This stance is shared by 52.7% of the total respondents, while 23.9% believe that after joining NATO, we will integrate into the EU more quickly. The IPIS survey from 4 years ago showed that the optimism among citizens has significantly decreased. If in 2019 43.3% believed that with NATO membership we would integrate into the EU faster, now only 23.9% share this view, in contrast to the number of those who are convinced of the opposite, which was 32.8% in 2019, and in 4 years it increased by 52.7%.
Macedonians in a large majority of almost two-thirds or exactly 62.2% believe that NATO will not speed up the integration process, in contrast to 54.8% of ethnic Albanians who expect EU integration to go faster after NATO membership.

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