Three Kosovo police officers and one soldier entered Macedonia; the MoI says that they helped with the Lepenec accident


The Macedonian Ministry of Interior replied after VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovachki stated via social media post that police officers and a soldier from Kosovo had entered N. Macedonia.
The Ministry of Interior says that the police entered the country after yesterday’s tragedy when a vehicle from Kosovo fell into the Lepenec River.
“After the tragedy, based on the cooperation memorandum we have with the Kosovo police, and in order to support our teams in the search for Kosovo citizens, a team with equipment from the Kosovo police arrived yesterday and worked with our police officers,” the Ministry of Interior said.
“We received information that three police officers and one soldier of Kosovo entered our territory and that they were detained by our police in the village of Orman,” MP Dragan Kovacki said previously.

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