Vardar River level is three times above the average


During the past night and Sunday morning, the water level in the upper part of the Vardar river basin is still significantly high, and the water level of the river has increased in the downstream profiles in Veles and Demir Kapija, the Hydro-meteorological Institute informed on Sunday.
In Skopje, the peak of the river was observed 1 hour after midnight (at 01:00 on 18.06.2023) and was H=195 sm, and this morning it has already decreased by 20 sm. By the end of the day, a gradual decrease in the water level of Vardar is expected in the upper part of its course, while there will be an increase in the water level in the middle and lower part of the course. Also, this morning, a minimal increase in the water level of the Lepenec River was observed. All other water levels throughout the country are declining and that trend is expected to continue throughout today.

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