Drinking water in Kavadarci must be boiled before use due to heavy rainfall


The drinking water in Kavadarci is cloudy and needs to be boiled before use, informs the public company “Komunalec” in Kavadarci.
The reason for the turbidity of the drinking water, as informed by “Komunalec”, is the heavy rains at the Lukar springs. From there they say that the situation is constantly monitored and that they will inform the citizens about all changes in time.
Kavadarci Mayor Mitko Janchev’s office said that for two days the Tikveshija was affected by heavy rains, and the largest amount was registered at the measuring stations in the village of Raec, where 145 liters per square meter were measured. The Raechka River overflowed there and the road to Prilep was interrupted.

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