Business owners demand lower contributions and liberalization of worker import


The business owners are aware that the wages of the employees are low and they demand a reduction of the contributions for the minimum wage, so that it is even higher and pushes the growth of wages. They also say that among the unemployed, it is difficult to find workers according to their needs and they support the Government’s measures for retraining, especially for digital literacy.
The contributions that are paid are at a very high level and we have a proposal to the Government to reduce them. Contributions to the minimum wage are 47.5 percent, and we are asking for it to be 32 percent to increase the minimum wage. Thus, both the Government and employers would make a significant step forward. Then, there should be a liberalization of the labor force in the region, which would formalize the work of those who are now working illegally and increase the quota of foreign workers from the current one of 5,000 workers to 10,000 or 15,000 workers, said the SKZM head Mendi Quka.

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