It’s necessary to investigate the origin of politicians’ property, they enter politics broke and leave as billionaires, Mickoski says


In politics, we have many politicians who enter politics broke and leave as billionaires and I think that the assets of a large part of those politicians and their immediate families, I would say in the first place, already amount to billions, and I would say several billions. So, before we go into that vetting of the judiciary, which is a pamphlet of request, I propose to use the existing legal powers that the Public Revenue Office and other institutions in Macedonia have and to vet the politicians, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, asked about his position regarding the vetting in the judiciary which is mentioned in the public.
From the field activity to visit realized projects in the Municipality of Aerodrom within the “This is Macedonia for all” activities, Mickoski pointed out that he and his immediate family offer to be the first example on which the vetting or the origin of property on politicians would be carried out.

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