Kovachevski should not be surprised about Merko, he himself is part of the corrupt system and sold himself to DUI that is drowning in crime


We call on Kovachevski not to behave as if he is an expert without responsibility, and not the prime minister of the country. We don’t understand how he can be so surprised. If you really wonder about Merko and others from the party that has kidnapped DUI, let him see our press releases, conferences, alerts in the past years, VMRO-DPMNE said on Thursday and added:

“We ask him if he has ever been to Struga, if no one, absolutely no one, has ever told him what is happening there and how Macedonians live and what the mayor does on a daily basis. How they hand out college degrees from his college, how he does business and controls anything that moves.

The least he can do is to take away the credentials of the mayor of Struga, which as the Government can, and until all doubts are removed, the Government can manage the city.”

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