Osmani: DUI freezes Merko’s party membership while the corruption investigation is ongoing


The spokesperson of the ruling DUI and head of Macedonian diplomacy, Bujar Osmani, says that he respects the views of the USA and considers them to be well-intentioned, regarding the U.S. State Department’s decision to blacklist the Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko.

“First, DUI demands that the institutions immediately start a comprehensive investigation into the allegations and possible information about Merko arising from Washington’s decision. DUI accepts Merko’s decision to freeze his membership in the party’s governing bodies. Thirdly, DUI suspends the electoral activity in the municipality of Struga until the conditions for it are created. Also, the party calls on all investigative institutions in cooperation with the international community to start an investigation on all parties, from the presidents, to the lowest echelons,” said FM Osmani.


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