U.S. blacklist is likely to be expanded with other individuals to aid in anti-corruption efforts, says Aggeler


The United States Ambassador to North Macedonia, Angela Aggeler, said Wednesday that the US blacklist will expand with other Macedonian citizens, in addition to Ramiz Merko, but, she said, she couldn’t specify when this would happen.

“These designations take time, they follow a very close and careful legal process of review, so they are not taken lightly, and they’re not taken quickly. At any given moment, there are a number of names under consideration, as our legal office in the State Department and other offices review evidence. So I can’t speak about the timing of any future announcements, I am confident those will be coming, when that is, I can’t say because the process is so careful,” said Aggeler. The ambassador says the United States takes the fight against corruption very seriously.

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