“Bitola Open City” international art festival begins Thursday


The 22nd edition of the international art festival “Bitola open city” began with artistic interventions in a public space, in which the hatred on Bitola’s walls – will be transformed into new graffiti and drawings in several locations, and will end with the great musical happening on Saturday evening in the City Park in Bitola, where the established Belgrade trio “Repetitor” will perform, and the band “Arumbo” from Barcelona, as well as Bitola’s “Lucent” will perform.

The Youth Cultural Center – Bitola, which is behind this festival, transforms the city into a stage for visual arts, for the performance of young new bands, and a program of electronic music with domestic and foreign DJs is planned, which starts from sunset before the first sign cafeteria “Ulaf ste”, and ends in front of one of the historical buildings in the City Park of Bitola – “Sokolana”, which has never been used for such events.

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