Gashi: Freezing Merko’s party membership is sand into the public eyes


After DUI called upon the institutions to start, “a comprehensive investigation on all allegations against Ramiz Merko stated in the US State Department sanctions, the leader of the ethnic Albanian opposition party Aletrnativa, Afrim Gashi says that first the term “comprehensive investigation” should be explained.
“We know that our institutions, especially the ones related to the rule of law, are completely overtaken by DUI, something we have been warning about for years. Hence, the term “comprehensive investigation” is an euphemism to delay and undermine the processes, to mire the cases in the judicial labyrinths, and so on. Albanians have a proverb that says: “One does not need evidence for a village that can be seen with one’s eyes”. If someone has not yet seen this DUI-zation of the state, then the problem is no longer in the village, but in the eyes,” said Gashi.

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