Kovachki: Ahmeti’s nephew bought an office building for EUR 30 million, doesn’t Kovachevski know about this as he didn’t know about Merko, the officials’ families become multi-millionaires, PPO should react


Dimitar Kovachevski acts like he’s from another planet. But DUI started making so many scandals that pretending that he is not from here does not go well for him. If he didn’t know about Merko, he didn’t know about Grubi’s brother’s store, will he now say that he didn’t know about Ali Ahmeti’s nephew who bought the Soravia office building in the strict center of Skopje, whose market value is from 25 to 30 million euros , MP and VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee member Dragan Kovachki told a press briefing on Friday.
“This is an alarm for the PPO and the SCPC, but also for all institutions in the field of financial intelligence, such as the UFR and the Financial Police, and we expect them to immediately open an investigation. The institutions are obliged to determine the origin of the money for the purchase of the Soravia luxury office building,” Kovachki added.

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