Bulgaria continues its aggressive policy of assimilation of Macedonians in Albania


Bulgaria continues with the aggressive policy of assimilation of the Macedonians in the three areas inhabited by ethnic Macedonians, Prespa, Golo Brdo and Gora, assess the Macedonian associations in Albania.
“The last of the series of Bulgarian attempts to make Macedonians present themselves as Bulgarians is the visit of MEP Andrey Kovatchev to the Gora district, Kuks district, along with the Bulgarian ambassador and other representatives of the embassy in Tirana. They promised help in several areas, and they also talked about the population census, which will start in Albania on September 18, and of course about the facilitating opportunities for obtaining Bulgarian passports. Taking advantage of the difficult economic situation of the Macedonians in this area, from where the departure of young people to EU countries and Great Britain is becoming more and more massive, it is more than clear how Bulgaria finds its minority,” said the representatives of the Macedonian associations.

There is also an announcement about the meeting from the government’s Committee for National Minorities, whose member as a representative of the Bulgarian minority is Milena Selimi, who states that “in continuation of his visit to Albania, Kovatchev visited Gora, one of the areas where 3,000 inhabitants live, a large part of them from the Bulgarian minority”.

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