SSO: Over 70 percent of discharged wastewater was untreated


Of the total amount of water discharged in 2022, 72.4% was untreated, and only 27.6% was treated.

According to the data of the State Statistics Office (SSO), in 2022, 300 116 thousand m3 of water for supply were used in the public water supply system, which is 2.0% less than in 2021. Of the total amount of water taken, the most water, 63.8%, is taken from spring waters, and the least, 0.9%, from lakes.

The total amount of water delivered from public water supply in 2022 was 1.8% more compared to the previous year. According to the structure of water consumption, the largest consumers were households, which consumed 67.0% of the total delivered water from the public water supply.

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