Mexhiti: We haven’t contacted Ahmeti for 7-8 months, he doesn’t care about us


In an interview for, Izet Mexhiti says that the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, does not care about any of them, not even when it comes to a mayor from the ranks of his party DUI. Mexhiti said this after the report of the mayor of Chair, Visar Ganiu, who said that he was the target of threats from Muarem Hasani, the deputy director of Customs.
“We did not contact Mr. Ahmeti for more than seven, maybe eight months. We communicate only through the media. But even this time he seems not to notice when the institution of the mayor is attacked and does not take anything to overcome such a situation. It was seen that the Prosecutor’s Office and the judiciary are dysfunctional, isn’t it proof that the mayor was faced with the dilemma of whether to file a private or an official lawsuit,” said Mexhiti.

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