Austrian ambassador criticizes judges and prosecutors for bias in the case of Zoran Zaev’s cousin for a debt of EUR 4.5 million


Austrian Ambassador Georg Woutsas sent a series of harsh criticisms to the Macedonian judiciary and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in a letter to Telma TV, due to the inability of an Austrian company to collect its debt of 4.5 million euros in international arbitration. It is about the renowned company AMMA Hohenems, which deals with wholesale trade and distribution of agricultural products, which has claims in the amount of 4.5 million euros from DENA product import export Veles.
“Even though the arbitration is recognized in Macedonia, the Macedonian courts took several months to confirm it, a period that Dena Product used to transfer a large part of its assets to another company, Global Trade DMM DOOEL. In the letter, the Austrian ambassador states that Global Trade is a company owned by Emilia Zaeva Kostova. She is the wife of the owner of DENA product, but she is also the cousin of the former prime minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev,” said Austrian Ambassador Woutsas.

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