PPO takes proceedings on three criminal charges filed by Austrian company AMMA


The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Offices in Gevgelija and Skopje, as well as the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje, have taken three separate proceedings, following criminal charges filed by the Austrian company AMMA Import Export GmbH (AMMA), regarding which the Austrian Ambassador also gave warning in an open letter on Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of North Macedonia said in a press release on Wednesday.

“Although the concrete case is basically a matter of a civil-legal relationship between legal entities, while their rights are ensured in appropriate court and other procedures, the criminal charges filed are dealt with extreme diligence,” reads the press release.

The Prosecutor’s Office notes that the mentioned legal entity filed a criminal report of fraud and abuse of office with the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Gevgelija in 2021.

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