DUI leader’s son and his cousins to build a photovoltaic plant


Ali Ahmeti’s son, Shkumbin Ahmeti, along with Ali’s nephews, Drin and Besian, are entering into a business worth 35 million euros, for the construction of a 60 MW photovoltaic power plant, in the region of Kichevo, said MP and VMRO – DPMNE EC member Dragan Kovachki at a press briefing on Sunday.
“From the bank’s analysis, we learn that Shkumbin, Drin and Besian Ahmeti informed the bank that they have prepared a feasibility study for a 60 MW photovoltaic plant, in which they have indicated potential locations. In the analysis, it is written that the Ahmeti family informed the bank that they have already got their permit for such a power plant from the competent government authorities, and they are waiting for a license from the Ministry of Transport. However, as stated in the same document, Ahmeti did not submit any documents to confirm this,” said MP Kovachki.

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