The children of the Ahmeti clan from Zajas demanded a loan of EUR 35 million and claimed that they would get permits from Kovachevski’s government and state money for PPP


The Zajas clan consists of the closest relatives of the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti. There is a well-founded suspicion that thanks to Ahmeti’s political position in the Government, this clan is enormously rich, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Monday.

“The last of the series of scandals for this clan consisting of Shkumbin, Drin and Besian Ahmeti is the construction of a 60MW photovoltaic plant in Kichevo, worth 35 million euros. These people, whom their fellow citizens claim were barely surviving until some time ago, have now become the main shareholders, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs in Macedonia, while hundreds of thousands of other citizens barely make ends meet,” said the largest opposition party.

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