. Why is Kovachevski silent about Ali Ahmeti and DUI’s crimes, will the photovoltaic plant be built with panels from Pikcell Group?


Dimitar Kovachevski is silent about the crime of his coalition partner Ali Ahmeti and  the Zajas clan. Kovachevski is running away and is not allowed to say a word about how Shkumbin, Drin and Besijan Ahmeti, who formed the company Helios and their own bank, informed her that they will build a photovoltaic plant, as well as that they have permission from the state institutions and that they are planning a public-private partnership for the plant in the construction of a 60MW photovoltaic plant in Kichevo, worth 35 million euros.

Why is Kovachevski silent? Will the photovoltaic plant be built with panels from Pikcell Group, formed by him? Is Kovacevski silent and condoning the crime of the Zajas clan for the sake of interest?, asked VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Tuesday.

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