At the end of his political career, Ali Ahmeti will be remembered as the man who sank into crime and corruption, including his family, says opposition


Ali Ahmeti himself is aware that his political career is coming to an end, and he will be remembered by the people, that in addition to making DUI a criminal organization, he also involved his family in these black affairs, and some of the many examples are his son Shkumbin and his nephews Drin and Besian, opposition party VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Tuesday.

“Ahmeti’s nephew Drin buys buildings worth 30 million euros, the other nephew Besian is appointed by Ahmeti's henchman, Minister Osmani, as the first secretary in the embassy in Brussels, jumping three places up in the administrative hierarchy. In order to be from the bottom and a bigger bottom, these two, along with Ali Ahmeti's son, Shkumbin, will build a joint photovoltaic plant of 60 megawatt-hours, which will be in a public-private partnership with the state,” said the largest opposition party.

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