Mijalkov’s seized property to soon go to public auction


The confiscated property of Sasho Mijalkov in the “Empire” court case will shortly be announced at the public electronic auction, which the Agency for the Management of Confiscated Property will do in accordance with the law and with the consent of the Government, the director of the Agency Driton Nebiu informed on Tuesday.

“For the several very current confiscation cases, I immediately took initiatives with the support and cooperation of the Minister of Justice, Krenar Lloga, for their disclosure and execution as soon as possible. We are talking about the cases “Empire” in connection with the property owned by Sasho Mijalkov, also about the “Trust” or known as the “Transmet” case and about the “Bachilo” case, known as the Isnifaris Xhemaili case,” Nebiu added.

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