Appellate Court reduces sentences in the “Titanic” case


Skopje Appellate Court announced the decision on the Titanic 1 case, reducing or cancelling the sentences of some of the defendants.
Former Minister Gordana Jankuloska, who was sentenced to prison by the decision of the first instance court, also received a suspended sentence. The former Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months imprisonment. With the verdict, the former employee of the Ministry of the Interior, Munir Pepikj, also receives a suspended sentence. The Titanic 1 case concerns election and voting fraud for the 2011 parliamentary elections and the 2013 local elections.
At the beginning of 2016, the former Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) Titanic opened its first investigation for Titanic 1 case, which concerned alleged electoral fraud. On February 11, 2022, at the third hearing, Jankuloska, Janakieski, Protugjer and five other defendants pleaded guilty.

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