Budget review likely in September, says Besimi


If considered necessary, it is possible to review the budget in September, Macedonian Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi said Wednesday.
As Minister Besimi said in a TV appearance, so far the funds have been realized according to the plan, and EUR 225 million have been provided in the Budget for anti-crisis measures that stand as a reserve.
“So far, what we had planned, we are implementing. In terms of income and expenses, we are close to 50 percent, in terms of the deficit, we are at 55 percent, because capital expenditures this year have a significantly higher growth, and compared to last year, we have a 1.5 times higher realization, over 45 percent. We believe that until the end of the year it will remain within the plan, if necessary, and that is, in such conditions of crisis situations, things can be redefined if necessary maybe in September. In the budget, we have also provided EUR 225 million for anti-crisis measures that stand as a reserve, we have already paid 60 million for ESM in terms of subsidies for the price of electricity. There is still room for support until the end of the year for the needs of the citizens and the economy, which are most affected by inflation and the energy crisis,” Besimi said.

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