Court sentences Rashkovski to eight years in prison in “Softwares” case


The Skopje-based Criminal Court sentenced Thursday former Government Secretary-general Dragi Rashkovski to eight years in prison, including time spent in house arrest, for abuse of office and money laundering in the case code-named “Softwares”.

According to the Criminal Code, in the prison sentence imposed on the first accused Dragi Rashkovski, the time spent in house arrest, counted from 04/16/2021, until its cancellation, is also counted, the judge said.

According to the indictment, Rashkovski did not perform his official duties during the implementation of four public procurement procedures for a biometric identification system, public procurement of software for determining the average speed of vehicles in traffic and imposing fines, procurement of ANPR cameras for recognizing registration plates vehicle plates and public procurement of metal cabins for the needs of the biometric identification system and system for automatic recognition of registration plates.

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