MoEPP: Another 80 tons of hazardous waste from OHIS have been sent for destruction in France


Cleanup of the small (delta) HCH landfill at OHIS continues with remediation of Lot 3, which will remove 525 tons of HCH waste and 210 tons of HCH-contaminated soil. As part of the activities carried out so far for the remediation of the third lot, 210 tons of soil contaminated with HCH were excavated and packed, the export of which is planned for the next 2 months, and 231 tons of HCH waste were excavated and packed, of which about 80 tons, during yesterday they were exported to be destroyed in France, said the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning on Thursday (MoEPP).

As a preparatory activity, on June 9 this year, this ministry passed a Decision approving the remediation plan for Lot 3 submitted by the cleaning contractor, the company Polyeco, after which it resumed work from June 12, 2023.

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