Jakimovski defeated in Karposh – Councilors sided with the citizens and did not vote for the disputed DUP


The councilors of the Municipality of Karposh did not vote for the controversial DUP for Kozle, for which disgruntled citizens sent a letter to the public and accused the mayor of destroying fountains and destroying greenery.

All present 17 councilors from the ranks of SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE, Levica and independent councilors voted against, while GROM left the session even before the vote.

The DUP refers to the area from the children’s playground to the directorate of Replek, along Metropolitan Teodosij Gologanov Boulevard. They are worried that the construction of five buildings and a service street will destroy the green belt in which there is a row of trees, a fountain and a playground.

Even before the agenda of the session was determined, Karposh Mayor Stevche Jakimovski withdrew the proposed points and called the citizens to come to the municipality where all their questions will be answered. After this, along with the services, he left the session.

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