EVN teams enter Slupchane with security “guarantees” from Bekteshi and Arifi


The Macedonian Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi together with the mayor of the municipality of Lipkovo Erkan Arifi, after the conversation of the residents of Slupchane, received “guarantees” that they will not attack the teams of EVN and that they can enter the village and repair the defect.

EVN informed Thursday that the defect in Slupchane will be repaired soon, after the assurances received that the residents will not prevent the electricity distribution crews from working and starting the project for the reconstruction of the network and installation of new measurement systems that will enable accurate measurement of electricity energy.

Previously, as informed by EVN, in the late hours of yesterday, people from Slupchane forcibly and illegally opened a large energy facility belonging to the electricity distribution company in an attempt to restore the electricity supply to the village by themselves, leaving the residents of the neighboring villages Orizare, Vaksince and Lojane without electricity.

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