DUI staff close to Artan Grubi to buy and sell electricity for ESM


The former head of the Bureau of Metrology, Merita Mustafa, member of the DUI staff, has recently  took over the management of ESM Sales – the daughter-company of ESM that sells surplus electricity and will buy electricity for the needs of households and small consumers, if there is not enough domestic production, Faktor.mk news website reported on Friday.

Mustafa took the place of Zlatko Piperkoski, who was appointed to that position in October of last year.

Atthe beginning of the year, Mustafa was pointed out by the opposition in the scandal with the assets of the brother of the First Deputy Prime Minister, Artan Grubi. The opposition also accused her of giving accreditation to a company allegedly close to Grubi’s brother, for fixing taps for petroleum products and liquid petroleum gas at gas stations and economic operators dealing in fuel trade.


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