Garbage containers overflowing – the Communal Hygiene head says it was the work of a group controlled by a political party


A group controlled by a political party, whose benefits have been cut, is blocking the functioning of the Public Enterprise Communal Hygiene and preventing the collection of garbage throughout the city, said the director of this company Kosana Mazneva at a press conference, after several days of garbage collection throughout Skopje has been halted by the services.

“I will not allow other employees to fall victims to blackmail in this well-known underground. Communal Hygiene is not a political party, nor is it a private company, and I will not allow a political center to control the work. I made a decision about shift work and that all employees rotate in three shifts. It is against the practice for years, that only certain persons work in a third party and receive benefits for it. Most of them did not show up for work and did not perform their duties. I put an end to such practice, these people are now organizing a blockade, and they have other jobs and businesses,” Mazneva said.



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