Kambovski on the Janakieski case: The court must include the previously ordered house arrest in the prison sentence


With the first final verdict, pronounced for any crime, the court must include in the imposed prison sentence the previously determined detention, i.e. the house arrest and its duration, Criminal Law Professor Vlado Kambovski told MKD.mk on the case of the prison sentence for Mile Janakieski in the Titanic case.

:In addition to house arrest, the term taken into custody also includes police measures to detain the suspect during the police investigation. Detention, as well as other forms of custody, are not related to the crime or crimes for which the accused is suspected. If he is suspected/accused of multiple crimes, he is assigned one measure of detention, in order to ensure his presence in the proceedings for all crimes. So, there is no differentiation of detention for one crime, then detention for another, a third for something else, etc. for which one procedure or several procedures are conducted,” said Kambovski.


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