Aggeler: We are disappointed with the judiciary, we are not seeing reforms from the government political leaders


Unfortunately, our “investment” in the progress of the judiciary did not give the expected “response”, the US Ambassador to North Macedonia Angela Aggeler said in an interview with the Kapital newspaper.

“With respect to progress in the judiciary, we are disappointed. Over the past thirty years, we have invested half a billion dollars in rule of law and good governance programs, but we are not seeing the improvements and reforms that we might expect with such a large investment. However, at the end of the day, systemic corruption throughout the country in all sectors harms the people of North Macedonia more directly than us. You all deserve a society, a judiciary, a government whose actions are transparent and serve you – the citizens. It is a cornerstone of a fair and functional democracy. The government should focus on that, regardless of which party is in power. The judiciary must be an independent, fully funded and non-political branch of authority,” Ambassador Aggeler said.



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