Democratic Union demands the resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs


The Democratic Union (DS) assesses that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, “with his exaggerated, non-objective and manipulative views on the internal political situation, threatens the European integration processes of N. Macedonia”.
“Let’s point out a few facts. First, in June 2022, Osmani accepted the so-called French proposal, the General Position and the Conclusions of the Council of the European Union, without prior wider professional and political consultations. Osmani claimed that if the Parliament and the Government accept the Negotiating Framework, there will be one intergovernmental conference to start the negotiation process, not two, as he is now announcing.
Then, the minister claimed that the protocols adopted by Bulgaria and N. Macedonia every year are not part of the Negotiating Framework, and they are, in fact, that the Macedonian language is recognized without any reservations, for which he used the FRONTEX agreement as a crucial proof, but the truth is that none of the documents, including the Negotiating Framework, stipulates that after the accession of Macedonia to the EU, the Macedonian language will be official and one of the official languages in the EU.

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