Nikoloski: The less crime and corruption in the government, the less blackmail from Bulgaria


The topic of crime and corruption is the number one topic in Macedonia like never before. SDSM and DUI have entered the seventh year of joint government, which from the first day has been characterized by major corruption scandals and the complete collapse of the rule of law, as well as the refusal to introduce a functional system of the rule of law and to crack down on crime and corruption, said the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski in an opinion piece on Sunday.

“If in the past years it was hidden from the public, this year the scandals are erupting and no one can hide them. The high level of crime and corruption threatens the future of Macedonia. People are moving out en masse, the economy is sinking. The bottom line is that a state weakened by crime and corruption is an easy target for aggressive neighbors, in this case Bulgaria. It is known,” Nikoloski pointed out.


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