Prosecutor’s Office carries out extraordinary supervision for all cases related to Merko


The Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) of the Republic of N. Macedonia has announced that a special Commission has carried out extraordinary supervision over the work of the Public Prosecutor’s Office – Struga, the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office – Bitola and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption, in connection with all the filed cases against Ramiz Merko, Mayor of the Municipality of Struga, as well as in cases related to the work of the Municipality of Struga during the period when he held the mayor’s office.

This extraordinary supervision comes after the US State Department placed Merko on the so-called “blacklist” of persons who are not allowed to enter the United States due to suspicions of corruption.

“The commission carried out supervision into a total of 30 registered cases, of which the oldest completed procedures date back to 2006, and in a part of the already resolved cases, the commission sent indications to the public prosecutors regarding their actions. Under the obligation to be guided by the principle of presumption of innocence, The PPO assures the public that in all active cases against the mentioned person, the necessary actions will be taken and all the circumstances will be investigated, and any crimes determined will not remain without appropriate criminal prosecution,” informed the PPO.

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