PRO releases the latest debtors list, citizens and companies that owe more than EUR 140 million


The Public Revenue Office (PRO) release the latest list of debtors no. 07/2023 for debts due by 31.03.2023 and unpaid by 30.06.2023 based on VAT, profit tax, personal income tax, contributions from mandatory social security, excise taxes and customs duties, for which the total amount of the debt is higher than MKD 120,000 for natural persons and self-employed persons, and higher than MKD 300,000 for legal entities.

A total of 1785 debtors – legal entities (18 more than the previous list) and 3413 natural persons (45 more than the previous list) were published. The total published net debt amounts to MKD 8,711,691,182 or 141,653,515 euros, which is MKD 230,721,048 more than the previous list.

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