Mayor Gjorgjievski: Danela doesn’t know her credentials – she can start arresting people tomorrow out of nowhere!


The Mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, does not have the authority to send inspections to PE Drisla and to fine the mayors of the municipality of Kisela Voda and the municipality of Sopishte with a total of 140,000 euros, and therefore the punishments are unfounded, claims the Mayor of the municipality of Kisela Voda, Orce Gjorgjievski.

“The attempt to fine me that will cost the citizens showed that she neither knows her credentials, nor her competences, and what’s most terrible, she doesn’t even know what the territory is that she administers,”

PE Drisla is located in part of the municipality of Studenichani and part of the municipality of Sopishte, which are outside the borders of the City of Skopje. She can get up tomorrow and start acting as if she were the minister of interior, then punish people in the streets and make arrests. She does not have the capacity, she does not know how to deal with the problems, nor does she know the territory she manages,” Gjorgjievski added.

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