Skopje and the lakes are the most attractive destinations for tourists visiting the country


The largest number of tourists in the country in May came from Turkey 16,412 and from Serbia 8,643. Germany follows with 4,042 and Croatia with 4,004 tourists. Nearly 3,000 guests were from the USA – 2,839, and more than 2,000 tourists were also from Greece, the Netherlands and Poland, announced the State Statistics Office (SSO).

They mostly stayed in Skopje and by the Macedonian lakes, and slept mostly in 4- and 5-star hotels. The total number of tourists in May 2023, according to the SSO, is 100,977, of which 29.4% are domestic tourists, and 70.6% are foreign tourists. The number of overnight stays in May 2023 is 199,984, of which 31.4% are from domestic tourists, and 68.6% from foreign tourists.

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