Stojanoski: The Government continues with the destruction of the Macedonian economy by introducing new taxes and increasing the existing ones


The Government continues to destroy the economy by introducing new taxes and increasing the existing ones. Macedonia has the lowest economic growth in the region, with one of the highest inflation rates in Europe, with low foreign direct investments, with a disturbed standard of living and a mass flight of citizens due to the Government’s bad policies, MP Bojan Stojanoski from the ranks VMRO-DPMNE said on Wednesday.

“The Government does not listen to VMRO – DPMNE’s appeals that VAT on food should be reduced to 0%, and VAT on electricity should be 5% until inflation returns to normal. On the contrary, expect an increased VAT of 10% on certain food products. An additional greeting for citizens with the VAT law is the increase in the price of pellets, which will be taxed at a rate of 18% instead of the current 5%. What should the citizens use to warm themselves in the winter?” Stojanoski said.


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