Judicial administration stages protestsalary increase, announces general strike as of September 1


With banners that read “European salaries for us and for you”, the Independent Trade Union of State Administration (NSDA) and the Independent Trade Union of Judicial Service, which functions as part of it, staged a protest Thursday in front of the Skopje Basic Criminal Court, with which the employees expressed their dissatisfaction from low salaries and not receiving salary supplements.

President of the Independent Union of Court Administration JasminaVelichkova said that the protest was a revolt against yesterday’s decision of the Minister of Finance, not to sign the decision of the Judicial Budget Council on the payment of allowances, a charge which was made by decision of 15 percent of the salary, and dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Finance for their demands for a 30 percent salary increase. If their request is not taken into account, a general strike will be held from September 1 with blocking of streets and non-issuance of certificates of non-conviction and other documents.

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