Macedonia enters orange alerttemperatures as of Thursday – Government introduces measures and issues recommendations


Starting Thursday until Sunday, the entire territory of North Macedonia will be gripped by temperatures of the orange alert, leading to the introduction of measures and recommendations for protection from high temperatures on July 13-16. All regions in the country: Skopje, Osogovo-Maleshevo, Pelagonija and Ohrid-Prespa will enter the orange phase.

The Government recommends exemption of most at-risk groups from work, such as pregnant women and persons over the age of 60. Citizens are advised to spend as much time in air-conditioned spaces and take lots of breaks in the shade if they have to spend time outside, as well as wear light clothing, sunglasses and hats to avoid direct sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen with a high SPF, eating less and mostly fruits and vegetables, drinking water and avoiding alcoholic beverages is also recommended. Due to the heat wave there’s also an increased risk of food poisoning.

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