Mickoski: Three EU ministers are expected to visit next week, if they’re coming because of the constitutional changes, our message stays the same


Three ministers for Europe are expected to visit next week, from Germany, France and Poland. I will reiterate, if they’re coming because of the constitutional changes, our message is the same, our arguments are the same. I am not hearing any new points from the other side, and if they are coming because of that, then I will be really concerned, because the constitutional changes are the last thing the people worry about, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in a press briefing on Friday.
“I talked to the three ministers of foreign affairs from Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia yesterday, we had a reasoned debate in the Parliament, we expressed our views, those views are the same, unchanged, and if anyone isolates Macedonia, it is the criminals from the government because of the level of crime and inability to implement reforms.
The change of the Constitution is not a criterion for isolating Macedonia, and on the other hand, I received an assurance from the same three that at no point did they use the word isolation, but they said there would be a delay in the process,” Mickoski said.

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