Nikoloski: Crime and corruption are at the top of SDS and DUI, that’s why the pressure is on Macedonia, not on Bulgaria


There is almost no place where the citizens are satisfied with the economic situation, and the other thing that the citizens are reacting to is the high and widespread level of corruption, which is now going from the highest to the lowest level. There is practically no person who said that he got a job done without knowing someone or without paying a bribe. The system is completely collapsing, said the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski in an interview with TV24.
In the interview Nikoloski stresses that corruption is at the top of SDS and DUI and the attempt to spin and put everything on only one person is playing with the public and will not lead the country to a positive assessment and the start of negotiations with the EU.
“Foreign ministers and officials are coming to Macedonia, but nobody went to Bulgaria. It is a confirmation that several large EU member states think that Macedonia is not ready and see Bulgaria as a good excuse, which leads us to the key issue that the high and widespread level of corruption is hitting the foundations of Macedonian national dignity. Because with a high level of corruption, the main member states think that Macedonia does not deserve a start for negotiations, and they let Bulgaria hit the foundations of Macedonian statehood, culture and language,” said Nikoloski.

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