Koleva: SDSM increases the wages of workers, a new wage increase in the public sector next


With the right economic policies, SDSM increases the wages of workers in all sectors, said SDSM spokesperson Daniela Koleva at a press briefing on Saturday.
“Through dialogue, an agreement was reached with the Trade Union, the SDSM-led Government provides a 10% salary increase in the public sector from September of this year.
Employees will also be paid compensation (K-15) for 2023, in the amount of MKD 10,000.
SDSM works on the promotion of labor rights, increasing the standard of the worker in all sectors and not only in the public sector.
SDSM increased the minimum wage from MKD 8,000 during the time of DPMNE to MKD 20,000.
We promised and delivered on the promise of a significantly higher average salary. From MKD 20,000 at the time of DPMNE, it is now over MKD 36,000,” said Koleva.

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